computer struggles, lost emails. You pay to be tracked and hacked easily. Get offliine.

I Spent 24 hours to upgrade to Apple El Capitan annual update OSX.I then wrote a very nice email.
Then outbound email failed, message disappeared.
Apple could not find its own SMTP server! Amazing!

Many other people had the same problem.
Found a fix by googling online.
Fix seems to work.
What a joke.
Constant updates are needed to fix security holes.
But each fix introduces new bugs and security holes.

Amazing after decades major vendors can’t get something simple like email to work.
They are too busy trying to track you and sell your information without paying you.
You have to pay them extra to track you and enable crime.

On a positive note, you can get free entertainment from youtube.

But can’t do work or anything important without taking huge risks.

I am working hard to get rid of all services and contracts that involve computer logins, payments, etc. Not easy nowadays.

Get rid of Apple, Microsoft.
Go to Linux on old hardware, but that involves work to set up
Maybe brand new google Chromebook $150 at best buy which is pre-set up Linux.


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