SHTF 100,000,000 dead Americans. More will die without study UCSF, Medicine, San Francisco Smart Car parking

98% of Native Americans were killed off by European Diseases soon after the first arrivals circa 1500. It took over 400 years for the population to recover, with most of that growth being immigrants and slaves. Europeans arrived over 100s of years to a mostly deserted continent. Europeans deliberately tried to infect the few natives Americans were left, and destroy their food supplies.

33% of Europeans were killed off in the plague. Many other pandemics. Nowadays the humans are weaker than before and technology is becoming less able to contain the disease. Mercola had an article yesterday.

Guns, locks, or other toys cannot stop disease, nor can you run away from it. 100% chance you will die from disease, nearly, unless you shoot yourself first. You have to move to a big city to solve diseases. Good health is needed irregardless of SHTF. First step: Everybody should study more health and anybody can do it – easier to get training to find some role in health care than engineering or research mathematics, for example. Learn more by picking a reasonably good university. San Francisco Bay area has a wealth of educational opportunities and great places to live in a Smart Car. I have walked the areas for decades and know the best spots to park, and where the classes are. Mild weather. Great air and water quality. Work your way through college by giving massages to Facebook employees, cook, style hair, pedicure, manicure, … Help the rich 1% and they will help you. The key is the location – easy to go to a good class and to park free.

The impending superbug crisis has a four-prong solution:


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