Debt Bubble. Smart Car. Ivy League MBA Wall Street if you want to be a banker.

Bank failures, bubbles, and most economic news are not relevant unless you are borrowing or lending too much. Convert all physical wealth to Sacagawea dollar coins and bury them in the desert – genuine legal tender if you need them in the future and no bankrupt bank can seize them. If you want to be a Banker you need an Ivy League MBA or similar (“human capital” wealth, not physical capital). Move to New York City and live in your leased Benz Smart Car while getting an MBA in Finance from NYU which is downtown Wall Street headquarters of American Finance Association. Professor Altman teaches there and has a new working paper on what he thinks is a Credit Bubble

are we in the midst of an inflating credit bubble and, if so, when is it likely that the bubble will burst? Bubble theories and concerns are becoming quite common these days for several asset classes, prompting discussions and warnings, including those from regulators


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