Protect your Banking. Off the grid. zero inbox. Paper science articles and real people Re: CIA director’s personal email account ‘breached by teen’

My strategy is to use cash as much possible and get rid of most credit cards (I have already gotten rid of all debit cards).
Get down to a few banks and logon to each bank’s website every day, not relying on email alerts. https websites are safer than email anyway, automatically encrypted. I have to logon on to far too many bank and credit card sites every few days. It becomes like I am working for the banks for no pay!

I have my Citibank alerts set for $1 and I pay all credit cards immediately if the charge is ok, not waiting until the monthly bill. But will cancel my Citibank credit card today or tomorrow.
Citibank took a lot of my advice.
I spent an hour online with an executive 2 years ago on how to improve their website. But it is still not very good.
Most bank sites are not very good and most computers are insecure but what is the alternative?

Email serves little purpose today.
Social media is better for contacting people.
Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon reviews, etc.
You can upload huge images to large groups without choking the system, huge numbers of links, forwards, retweets, etc.
Easier to contact strangers and know better who you are talking to, and on the right topics. Emails from Nigeria, China asking for money should not happen.

Bank websites are better for banking.

Blogs are better for blogging.

Paper newspapers are better for news.

Paper Magazines are better for color photos.

Paper Books are better for reading.

Paper Scientific Journals are better for research.

Real people are better for lectures, discussions, classes.

There is a movement “zero inbox” to get rid of all emails.
Part of the strategy to get off the grid and quit getting robbed of time and money that ultimately threaten your existence. They can’t shoot, rob, defraud you if they cannot find you.

I can get rid of most banking emails, and most online vendors and their emails. My ebay account expires in 31 days for non-use. Great. I never used it.

My problem is thousands of downloads and mostly “free” services subscribed to over decades using 100 email addresses. Mostly math stat software tools and utility programs.
Hard to disentangle and reclaim my freedom and time.
Really got bad about 13 years ago.

> I saw that several days ago. Anybody’s email or website is vulnerable to hackers. Nothing important should be sent on email. Bank/credit card sites are slightly better but hackable.
> I bank and pay bills through several banks. I have had one charge on a credit card placed fraudulently. I get a text message and an email for any type of transaction for ten bucks or greater. It was for about $100. I immediately called Chase and reported it. They reimbursed me and investigated.
> Life is full of risks. Muggers, rapists, drunk/distracted/stupid drivers, fire, explosions, accidents of all kinds. Food poisoning, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Bad dogs, snakebites, lightening, and many more. You could be seriously injured or dead in a few minutes.
> It is futile to worry about email hackers, just follow acceptable methods of avoidance and use email. >
> John


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