Hammock University

She reads her ipad with free university wi-fi. Soon attracts 3 males who talk to her for an hour or more. She sits up and hangs her feet off the edge to talk. Must be legal as this is the most heavily trafficked square on campus between the Administration Center and Student Center and she is often out there. I could find a quieter place than this girl who appears to be into hammocks more for the social aspect that the practical aspects.

Quite a few places in USA I could use a hammock. Easy to carry in a light backpack. Electronics are getting smaller. I don’t need a heavy briefcase full of books and papers. Can eat in restaurants, shower at the gym, live in a Smart Car, sleep comfortably when and where I want.

Never get too far from a top university hospital, especially if you are over 50. Heart / circulatory disease is the leading cause of death – the first symptom is often sudden death. Minutes matter. Must get to the hospital in time.

I highly recommend taking all the pre-medical classes. Human Anatomy and Physiology are quite interesting, fun, and useful. There is a huge difference in quality of universities and hospitals. In the lower quality ones you learn a lot less and have a much higher rate of death.


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