live in a tent vs RV. Smart car good mileage without diesel stink, noise, smoke

Cancer is becoming a leading cause of death, overtaking heart disease. Lions and wolves are exceedingly rare. Criminals are also rare if you avoid Ferguson and other ghettos. Almost all RVs, autos, and houses cause cancer – chemicals, plywood, fossil fuels, etc. An organic tent will not cause cancer, collapse in earthquake, trap you indoors in a fire, etc. Much safer than a house or RV.

My ancestors lived 90,000 years in Northern Scandinavia, Asia, and America in tents. They could deal with the lions and wolves with bow and arrow and fire. I have a 357 magnum that would be easier, at least for me. I have never heard of any lion or bear attacks in the campgrounds around here. Once somebody spotted a bobcat. There would not be such a deer infestation if there were large carnivores about.

I would probably sleep in the back of the Ford Explorer and use the tent when I am awake for computer, math, writing, reading the paper, etc. I still exercise many hours per day.

I notice that South Dakota Wyoming zero income tax states are highly rated as a business location as well as a retirement residence and the lowest population density.

You can get South Dakota residency by sleeping there 1 night per year. Has been a popular home for billionaires and banks for decades, especially credit card operations.

Become a homeless, stateless person with freedom to travel to where you need to go.

On Oct 17, 2015, at 9:04 PM, John wrote:

Bears rip into tent and attack you, same with mountain lions, cougars and wolves. Bears are in lots of areas including yours. Thugs and theives cut into your tent while you sleep and kill you for your smart car. You need hard sided enclosure for protection. RVs solve most problems. Lock up your stuff while out hiking, etc.


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