eat rich 1% restaurant mushrooms

Great cold spell last night 40 degrees signals the trees to turn gold and prepare for winter.

Eat like the rich 1% while getting rich selling them mushrooms and learning to live off the grid in the wild. Great article in the Wall Street Journal this week. Online too with photos. Excerpt below.

I talked to a barber this week who also owns a car wash, both cash businesses. Also laundromats use coins, like the car wash. Restaurants often take cash. I suppose owners may under-report income to the IRS and can safely stash coins in the dry desert to hide wealth.

A Mushroom Forager Packs Light for the Trail. Finds porcinis, chanterelles, black trumpets plus greens and berries for high-end restaurants. Jeremy Faber has really strong views about mushrooms. The 40-year-old makes his living in the woods hunting for them. Porcinis and matsutakes make the most money, he says, but matsutakes are his least favorite fungus. “They bore me. Plus, they smell terrible,” he says. Black trumpets are his favorite, both to pick and to cook. “They’re not the most lucrative, but they’re beautiful in the woods and they smell really good,” he says, describing their scent as musky and even sexy. “It sounds weird, but they are. They’re a beautiful and mysterious mushroom.” Mr. Faber comes by his opinions as owner of Seattle-based Foraged & Found Edibles, a provider of wild foodstuffs to high-end restaurants like Sitka & Spruce in Seattle, Giulianear Boston, and The Spotted Pig in New York City. His company sells more than 30 varieties of wild mushrooms. On a typical day of foraging, he could be out from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., if the picking’s good. He carries a canvas backpack with an Adirondack-style basket inside that can hold 30 gallons, or roughly 60 pounds of mushrooms.


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