great weather. Dangers of driving, Harleys, pickups, etc.

Gorgeous 80 degrees, took 5 mile walk, sat reading the newspaper soaking up the sun and feet in the lake to soak up electrons. Quite a lot of reading to catch up on so slack off on the exercise. Not many tourists this time of year! Tourists come for the summer heat, mostly. In the spring and fall when weather is great they are at school or work.

I suspect Daimler Benz Smart Car owners live longer and are healthier longer than Harley Davidson Owners or Pickup or other large vehicle owners. I can visually inspect these people very easy around here. Big fat people drive big fat vehicles and suffer from all kinds of health problems. They also tend to have big fat boats.

The best car is no car at all. Walk everywhere, or bicycle. I am looking to do that right now. I figured this out as a teenager driving through Los Angeles to get to San Diego. I saw a big shot TV personality discussing the problem of driving and agreed with him. I have frequently been able to not commute too much, but sometimes got stuck with driving. My health suffered as a result. There are plenty of articles online nowadays on the health hazards of driving.

Why truck driving is one of the deadliest jobs in America. What incredibly important profession combines horrible hours, bad pay, and a poor lifestyle? Truck driving. This is a job that destroys so many lives that it could soon become unsustainable. Here’s why.

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