1and1 huge data center in Lenexa Kansas

Google Fiber is in Kansas City
1und1.de is on the Kansas side that I may use for my new secure internet company.
Kansas City is in both Missouri and Kansas.
Good short interview video:


2007 article:

1&1 Internet, Inc., the world’s largest Web-hosting company this week announced the operation of its new Lenexa, Kansas data center, which will house dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for the German hosting giant.

The data center is the second in the US for 1&1, which has an existing facility in Philadelphia. The company said the Lenexa Data Center’s central location in the U.S. will provide low latency connections from all points in North America. The new data center makes it possible for the company to unveil its new dedicated and VPS line and grow past its current 38,000 global servers. “Since 1&1 sold out servers in October 2006, this new line of servers is a welcome and much requested addition,” said Andreas Gauger, Chairman of 1&1 Internet.

“While the dedicated servers continue to be ideal for the professional that wants exclusive control and maximum power, the VPS solutions will appeal to those who seek greater control than with a regular hosting plan and need the flexibility of a root server to install their own security and software,” said Gauger. “In this regard, our new range of VPS is filling the gap between the full power of a dedicated server and the 1&1 shared hosting plans.”

1&1 Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of United Internet, a profitable public company with 6,000 employees and a market cap of $4 billion. 1&1 was established in 1992 and hosts more than 7 million domain names, while more than 38,000 servers run on the company’s five state-of-the-art data centers. 1&1’s global community is over 6 million customer contracts strong. The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Chesterbrook, PA.

The US Data Center: Lenexa, KS
Superior security, connectivity and performance
The Lenexa data center
This state-of-the-art green facility brings you power, connectivity and security unsurpassed in the industry.
• 55,000 square feet- 5 server rooms provide space for 40,000 servers

• Excellent 300 Gbit/s connectivity and high redundant capacity, capable of routing thousands of Tbytes of traffic per month without any data jams

• Superior energy capabilities of Kansas make it ideally suited to host data intensive operations

• Additional steel-reinforced walls, fire protection via the combination of an early detection system + FE-25 system + double-interlock pre-action sprinkler system, backbone routers from two different vendors, redundant cooling systems and redundant UPS systems in addition to diesel generators ensure top-of-the-line security so that our servers will continue to operate regardless of external conditions.

3D Presentation: Start Data Center-Flashmovie
• Mechanical Room:
3 mechanical rooms supplied by 3 outside industrial chiller plants guarantee a continuous flow of chilled water to the server rooms where it is used by the Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems (CRACs) to provide cold air to the servers. This is a 2+1 redundancy system, i.e. two of these three rooms are sufficient to cool the data center, so an outage of one chiller plant is without effects.

• Electrical Room:
5 electrical rooms supply power to the 5 server rooms in the data center. These electrical rooms contain the battery supported Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to keep the servers running during an utility outage. In such a case the Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) in each of these rooms start the generators which will then feed the UPS and cooling systems with power until the utility supply gets established again.

• Storage Room/Loading Dock
New equipment can be brought in quickly and efficiently and stored safely.

• Testing Lab
In this room, equipment can be tested to ensure proper long-term operation.

• Server Rooms
Our server rooms provide a safe and secure environment to house your data.

What makes 1&1 data centers the best in the world?
Powered by advanced information storage technology, 1&1’s state-of-the-art data centers keep your website running and your valuable information safe.
At 1&1, even our fail-safes have fail-safes. Backup generators, multiple hard drives, dual routers, cooling systems and gel battery power banks give us real redundancy so our fleet of 40,000 high-end servers will continue to operate regardless of external conditions. In the event the grid is down, five huge 16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power for all systems.
3 chiller plants with 2 high powered cooling units with 4 independent compressors provide up to 8.800KW of cooling to the data center. This is a 2+1 redundant system.
24/7 monitoring by Internet specialists, 150+ permanently recording video cameras, safety locks and more ensure that only authorized personnel can enter 1&1 Data Centers – your data is always safe and secure.
Environmentally Friendly
Powered by Green Energy: with Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100% of the energy consumed in our data center, 1&1 will help save 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.


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