Deficits, zero interest rates, print money for ISIS, drugs, etc.

The federal government can run deficits for a long time and spend that money on war, drugs, prisons, schools, doctors, college loans, home mortgages, welfare, etc. which enriches the rich 1% who run these schemes. Issue bonds which are bought by banks.

The federal reserve will buy those bonds to keep interest rates low, flooding banks with money who give bonuses to the rich 1% bankers as reward for derivatives gambles. They loan out the rest via credit card debt at 18%, auto loans, mortgages, etc.

Any remaining money is printed up as cash and shipped to ISIS, drug kingpins, etc.

This is quite a racket, not likely to change until forced.

China is the big question mark. All reports are bad but nobody knows much because information is deliberately suppressed. Probably the boom is over and China may even be in recession due to poor decision making by central planners. The slowdown will impact many countries. USA may already be in recession too.

Big economic changes, and a new president such as Trump or Sanders may put a stop to zero interest rates and finally inflate people who deserve some inflation instead of shipping that money overseas.

Weather is great. My grandmother’s grandfather was probably buried under this lake. They moved him to higher ground when the lake was built. Now they have to move him again because Walmart headquarters hotel district wants the cemetery for more expansion. Lots of wealthy Walmart executives keep houseboats at this marina.


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