coins now. 70/50

Beautiful sunny day again (no rain in the past 2 days). Bass Pro outdoor festival with free camping and numerous information sessions all around the dam. I saw a live bald eagle they had on exhibit, bats, owls, snakes, etc. Watched fast setup and takedown of tents.

All coins need RFID tags and serial numbers. Record all bill serial numbers until we can get rid of all currency. Probably do not need any coins smaller than 1 dollar. Let stores repackage things so they come out to an even number of dollars. Gasoline is still quoted in tenths of a penny. Joke. Give the clerk some $10 coins and let the pump meter out the correct amount of gas. Cash registers can round off to the nearest dollar when you check out.

All persons need an ID card, and all transactions need to be recorded. Under current law your cash, cars, guns, can be seized if you are a drug suspect (often seized for no good reason except a cop wants it). You need a way to prove you got the cash legally. Also every transaction creates rights and responsibilities for both buyer and seller. That transaction must be recorded to help you access courts and police to protect your rights and wealth.

All transactions need to kept on permanent file at your bank so you can freely access them in a usable format forever. I just got double billed to my checking account and a credit card. Lucky I caught it. Many people might not.

I got rid of all debit cards. I am reducing credit cards down to 2 and the number of banks I use from 5 down to 3 maybe 2 or 1. Using cash more and more. Maybe can use all cash and checks and electronic bill pay. No cards at all?


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