Cash and check loopholes enabling crime conspiracies, etc.

Conspiracy theories are a liberal news media conspiracy to divert sheeple attention from true conspiracies that are everywhere. For example use of $ cash, and use of LLC and corporation laws. Ivy League colleges inflate egos and pocketbooks $ by training students how to be great conspirators, $ accumulators, and feel good about that. To where did they move the trillion $ printed cash bills without records? Are they funding ISIS? Nukes? Refugees? Needs an audit.

Cash transactions are a loophole that makes it hard to prosecute crimes. Cash transaction details need to be recorded including parties, serial numbers of coins, bills, product purchased, etc. IRS / FBI needs to audit the finances of suspected crooks. This needs to be done automatically by computer not labor intensive government bureaucrats. Laws need to be strengthened to stop crime before it happens.

There are many ways crooks can illegally get money. Crooks can start a secret company cheap and get a bank account. Name it confusingly similar to target company. Divert checks from target company to secret company. Particularly useful are checks that might not be missed if they do not show up on target company books such as:

Litigation winnings.
Insurance payoffs.
FEMA flood, hurricane, disaster money.
Property transactions.
In-house repairs done by employees but billed separately.

Further, regular dues, sales, and assessments can be diverted if there is no audit or a crooked auditor is hired.

Of course cash can always be easily diverted if it never gets onto the books. Cash kickbacks are hard to trace even with an IRS FBI audit of the parties in question. So cash transactions need to be recorded: parties, serial numbers of coins, bills, product purchased, etc.

Company being in good standing simply means the entity has kept all paperwork related to its charter and yearly renewal up to date and that all fees have been paid. It is possible for a corporation or limited liability entity to be simultaneously

• involved in an investigation for labor law violations
• subjected to an audit for unpaid payroll. unemployment, and/or trust-fund taxes • having its property seized for unpaid state and federal income taxes • delinquent on its property taxes
• convicted of multiple felony crimes
• under suspicion for securities fraud
• in bankruptcy
• being sued for causing people to die due to its products being defective, and • have the entire board of directors indicted for suspected criminal behavior

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