quakes, wireless hackers wasted investment that should fix infrastructure

I am off my cane and walked 10 miles today with no pain.

Commuting thru San Francisco and Los Angeles I often take Route 1 right along the coast which has amazingly light traffic and is faster and more beautiful than the freeways or other major arteries.
This takes me by the stinky waste treatment plants that are huge!
In a quake, broken sewer pipes will cause a mess that can spread Cholera and other fearful diseases before Obama can save the urban dwellers!
Probably much of the population will die of thirst before the diseases hit.

The fat old lady teaching my accounting class to 222 students met her husband in that same class 48 years ago.
Seems that the students are not industrious or well prepared so wasting their time amassing huge debts to go to college.
Students often have 3 electronics devices on the whole hour – phone, laptop, clicker and sometimes a calculator or textbook open too.
Nobody at the university can figure out how to get all the clickers working, not even the manufacturer’s on-site consultant.
The university websites are slow, sluggish, ugly and generally a mess.
The whole information systems setup flunked internal audits but nobody can figure out how to fix it so they don’t try.
I believe debt-financed university systems are doomed to collapse sooner than later, taking down the whole urban areas surrounding them.
Angry students saddled with debts, worthless degrees, addictions, and sexual diseases may start a revolution.

I avoid wireless, wi-fi, smart phones, etc.
Too many security issues besides the fried brain problem.
I saw this new book in the library.
Electronics, fossil fuels, and junk food are used to dumb down and sicken the population so they are easier to control.

Hacking Wireless Networks – The ultimate hands-on guide
Paperback – March 5, 2015

Are you tired of buying security books and at the end discover that they contain only theory and no practical examples at all?
Do you want to setup your own hacking lab and learn through practice?
If yes, then this is the book for you!
Hacking Wireless Networks – The ultimate hands-on guide,
is a book written for people who seek to practice the techniques of assessing the security of wireless infrastructures.

Through 30 real life scenarios and more than 300 figures the book examines in details the following areas:
– Discovery and Profiling of wireless networks
– Denial of Service attacks
– Attacks against WEP secured wireless networks
– Attacks against WPA/WPA2 secured wireless networks
– Bypass techniques for popular Authentication mechanisms
– Encryption keys cracking using special techniques
– Attacks against the Access Point’s management interface
– Attacks against special security features like WPS
– Stealthy techniques to avoid getting caught by wireless IDS

Now that the world agrees that wireless security is central to computer security, it is time to put theory into practice.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Well written
By Lena on May 6, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Great book for beginners and professionals!
The chapters are well organized and contain many practical examples, screenshots and technical details.
I managed to penetrate my company’s wireless network in few hours and my boss was excited!!!
I can’t wait to read the rest of it and launch different attacks.
Great job, reasonable price.

Great Book! Highly recommended!
By Christina Synodinou on March 25, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This is probably one of the best books ever written about wireless hacking.
I really loved it!
The book contains the required background and thirty attack scenarios.
Every scenario is explained with details and well designed figures.
I totally recommend this book to everyone interested in wireless security.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I received my book a few days ago and I am very impressed.
It is well written, with easy to understand hacking examples.
The technical details are well explained, so that beginners can understand the underlying concepts.
This book should be on every security professional or enthusiast’s bookshelf.

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