SHTF LA no water?

We talked to a younger movie star looking guy from UCLA that had a water main break last year – there have been several breaks without an earthquake.
He was speculating on how bad it could be in an earthquake – millions of people without water?
What could Obama do?
I have been thinking about spending winter in San Diego or Santa Barbara but am increasingly wary of large cities given their fragility, racial hatred, disease, crime, etc.
Probably will skip that.
Another guy was 70+ dairyman who lives part time in Altadena (above Pasadena) where he used to run an Altadena dairy.
He retired and moved to Branson.
We are both walking with canes.
I walked 10 miles yesterday with a cane and nearly that much today.
Still feel pain 12 days later in sprained calf, and see bruising and swelling but it is almost healed.
That is the same sprain I got 11 years ago that caused me to quit running.
I think I have decided to be real careful on injury.
I may try to do an iron cross and 1 arm pull up but will probably quit that.
Too easy to snap something.
After my walk suddenly some big black clouds blew in from east as the sun got lower in the west.
Some days we get fairly strong rain while sun is still out.
I have to get ready for class tomorrow.

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