Cyber Security People and Paperwork Processing

Cyber Security is needed now.

I am thinking some problems are not technical-electronic but are people problems: How do you know who is safe? Popular current systems are usually credit cards and email logins with maybe a phone number and your dog’s name. But that does not work well – terrorists, thieves, and hackers from around the world are getting access to systems. I am looking for some simple business procedure to screen potential users of my safe system. I am wondering about forcing people to pay $20 annually in advance by check by USPO. The return address on the envelope must match the address on the check. The bank checks photo ID before giving a bank account. Also mail in a copy of the telecommunications bill – cable, DSL, dish, smartphone, dialup, … with address that matches the check. This would indicate the IP address that the user would be using. Of course criminals can get around this by paying an accomplice in the USA. But this does make it more difficult for many overseas hackers and even USA based hackers. (Maybe I would also want a copy of drivers license with address that matches too? Maybe have it all notarized? Probably people would not do it. )

Another problem is to keep all of my cyber-safe user data completely off my safe computer systems. If the data is not online then it cannot be stolen online. Online users will be just a number unless they want to use their true personal names for some purposes (such as family communications or social media). So any documents from customers would have to be stored securely. The city of Springfield Missouri has huge underground caves – abandoned mines – that are already used for document storage, cheese production, meat processing, etc. Their cost is reasonable.

People and paperwork processing procedures did work ok before the internet. These can still be used today to increase cyber-security. But these do cost more than the insecure online sign-ups that are common today.


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