Philosophical Gourmet Ferguson Missouri High Rank Terminal M.A.

University of Missouri Saint Louis is located adjacent to the dangerous black suburbs of Berkeley and Ferguson Missouri.
It is much less prestigious than the main campus in Columbia Missouri.
But it still ranks in the top 4 in the USA in Criminology (lots of crime?)
And in the top 10 in Philosophy for its terminal M.A. program.
Several other top 10 rankings in communications, information sciences, etc.
Ferguson also has 8000 students in a large community college.

I am not convinced of Obamas plan for more college attendance.
Student brains are fried from electronics, junk food, sitting, lack of exercise, etc.
Constant clouds and rain in Missouri (unusual for August).
I find it hard to get enough sunshine to make Vitamin D, Nitric oxide, etc.
Negroes are too black so they are always in worse health danger than me.
Everybody needs more organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, etc.
USA students need to quit going into debt for student loans while not learning much useful.
Put that money into setting up a sharecropping system so young people can eat well.

Also students could move to appropriate climates away from pollution (smoke, electronics, herbicides, etc.)
Negro DNA is ideally suited to living in Africa (or other equatorial regions).
African exodus would cure the problems in Ferguson (convert minorities to majorities).

North America is ideally suited for persons of Native American Descent.
Saint Louis was a major site for Native Americans.
South County is very rich and white.
North County is very poor and black.
Lots of minorities but not many Native Americans.


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