Aldi. German food store owned

I tried Aldi today briefly in Springfield.
Good selection of nuts berries dairy veggies etc.

May be my favorite place to shop.


Some Aldi practices are common in German supermarkets but largely unique to Aldi in other countriescitation needed

These include the system of metal gates and turnstiles forcing customers to exit through the checkout, and charging customers for shopping bags.

Until 2004, Aldi stores accepted only cash (since then, German stores have accepted domestic Girocard debit cards).

Debit cards also are accepted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Slovenia, and Hungary.

Electronic-benefit transfer cards are also accepted in the United States.[31]

Aldi generally does not accept credit cards, though Aldi Australia acceptsMasterCard and Visa for a 0.5% surcharge and Aldi Ireland accepts Visa/MasterCard with no surcharge. In the United States,

Aldi acceptsDiscover Card at some locations and is currently testing the viability of accepting all major credit cards.[32]

Aldi has accepted Visa/MasterCard without surcharge throughout the United Kingdom from October 2014, which had previously been accepted only in Scotland.[33]

Another practice at Aldi stores in Europe, Australia and the United States, is requiring a coin, or an Aldi-issued reusable token, to use a shopping cart.

When the coin or token is inserted, the cart is unlocked from the other carts.

When the cart is returned, the customer is refunded their coin, effectively costing the customer only the time to return the cart.

This is a common practice in some European supermarkets.

Likewise when Aldi opened its stores in Australia, coin deposit for carts was already commonplace especially in low socio economic areas to counter theft and subsequent repurposing of trolleys by customers[citation needed].

In-store layout

Aldi Nord interior

The inside of an Aldi store in Hungary

Aldi specialises in staple items, such as food,beverages, toilet paper, sanitary articles, and other inexpensive household items.

Many of its products areown brands, with the number of other brands usually limited to a maximum of two for a given item.

This increases sales for each article, and lets Aldi shops be smaller than stores with more brand choice.

This practice let Aldi avoid price tags, even before the introduction of bar code scanners.

Aldi’s, on many of its in-house brands will place, if feasible, multiple bar codes on products to speed the check out process.

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