Powersite Dam Kathleen Van Buskirk

Some clouds but warm sunny day high 80s low 60s,
Still much is underwater downstream of Powersite Dam.
Buildings underwater. Roads underwater, etc.
Lots of electricity has been generated from all this water.
Days getting shorter.
Schools are starting back.
Feels like summer is almost over.
I had to drive 60 miles to get a haircut, shop at 4 stores, go the gym, examine some records at the city and county,
A lot of the city around here is brand new.
Reminds me of Los Angeles and San Diego in the 1960s, only much wetter and greener.
My new fitness center seems more upscale than the last one in a better brand new part of town.
And a lot more stuff – huge swimming pool and indoor air conditioned walking / running track.
Better weights.

Powersite Dam
by Kathleen VanBuskirk
When Powersite Dam, Missouri’s first hydroelectric impoundment, went into service in 1913

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