Reduce Government Spending Re: Going Broke

> This is great news. Government spending needs to be reduced at all levels. >
> Gasoline taxes payed for highway construction that transport drugs and illegal aliens all over the USA. And more use of smog producing, nerve wracking, exercise depriving, butt growing autos for the whole population. It would be great if they quit spending on highways. But the rich get richer off highway spending so I suspect they will find away to continue highway spending. Although remarkably Missouri did not pass a gas tax this past year so highway construction has ground to a halt with no plan to resume! Missouri has a AAA credit rating, highest for states, because they are tightwads that keep spending low. >
> Social Security Disability Insurance Industrial Complex needs to be reformed.
> NPR report shows, there are a lot of people gaming the system, people who are taking needed money away from those who have no ability to rejoin the workforce.
> Reducing waste, fraud, and abuse in the disability program through modest, incremental changes would allow us to devote moreresources to the severely disabled >
> Social Security is a joke, retiring people at 62 when they should be healthy and working.
> They get depressed, sick from TV, Radio, Internet, and kill themselves with drugs, guns, or medical procedures. > Can fix this problem by just getting rid of early retirement. >
> Medicaid gets the poor addicted to drugs and sicker and weaker. A tool to cause crime and warfare between blacks and cops, and general anarchy that prevents organization of the poor 99% to take on the rich 1%. Many health problems can be avoided by better prevention. >
> Medicare is a plot to kill the elderly, especially the drug plans. Elderly should eat vegetables and herbs and spices. Most of their health problems will go away. Most of the money is lost on the terminal illness exotic treatments that have no chance of success. Better to spend that money on vegetables, fruits, and nuts. >
> The rich 1% inflate their pocketbooks by these taxpayer funded schemes but many of the rich 1% pay taxes too. At some point the rich will decide to cut back on government spending so they don’t have to pay so much taxes. According to this article Simon Black says that time is now. He is probably funded by Republicans. >
> I am not convinced. Some government spending cutbacks may happen if a Republican gets elected president. They will probably hurt seniors and minorities but continue spending on middle east wars, drugs for seniors and the poor, etc. >
> But I suspect Hilary Clinton will get elected and tax rates will rise moderately such as when Bill Clinton got elected and balanced the budget during the dot-com economic boom. She will have to fix some of the worst runaway spending programs such as disability. >
>> On Aug 2, 2015, at 9:24 AM, Ron wrote:
>> Let us not forget that despite “finding” funding the product or service will reduced until it is inconsequential. The administrative bureaucracy for each will increase however. It is a sign of a dying society when the bureaucracy absorbs the lion share of costs. >>
>> Ron
>> On Saturday, August 1, 2015 9:30 PM, Bob wrote:
>> People have noticed that the US Treasury hit its debt ceiling more than a half year ago and the “national debt” has been frozen since then. It would be senseless to have Congress vote on raising it because nobody wants to admit what happened. Which leads to this: >>
>> Friday, July 31, 2015
>> The Signs are Everywhere: The US Government is Going Broke >>
>> By Simon Black
>> On June 6, 1932, President Herbert Hoover imposed the first ever national gasoline tax in the United States, initially set at 1 cent per gallon. >>
>> It was a major success for the federal government; the tax on gasoline alone was responsible for over 15% of their 1933 tax revenue. >>
>> What’s curious is that the Senate Finance Committee issued a report the following year stating that the federal gasoline tax should be repealed. But that never happened. >>
>> Instead it went up.
>> Under President Eisenhower, the tax increased to 3 cents per gallon. Under Reagan, 9 cents. >>
>> It’s risen steadily through the years to a level of 18.4 cents for every gallon of unleaded fuel, and 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel. >>
>> All of this tax revenue is –supposed– to go to the Federal Highway Trust Fund, something established back in the 1950s to finance the care and maintenance of the nation’s highways. >>
>> And now it, too, is insolvent.
>> Earlier this week I told you about Social Security’s Disability Insurance Trust Fund (DI), which will become insolvent in a matter of months. >>
>> The DI problem (just like the rest of Social Security) has been a long time coming. >>
>> But rather than form some meaningful solution, Congress has instead opted to commit financial fraud by commingling DI monies together with the other Social Security funds. >>
>> Now comes the Highway Trust Fund.
>> The difference between DI and the Highway Trust fund is that this one won’t be insolvent in a matter of years or months. Their own data shows that it may very well be toast… today. >>
>> Once again- Congress to the rescue.
>> Having waited until almost quite literally the last minute, their solution is to… wait for it… kick the can down the road. >>
>> Congress has now passed a 90-day stay of execution for the Highway Trust Fund, which only delays the inevitable. >>
>> Over the next three months they’ll sit down to the task of figuring out who to steal from. >>
>> They’re either going to raise taxes on you.
>> Or they’ll raise taxes on someone else, the costs of which will ultimately be passed on to you. >>
>> Or they’ll simply default on their obligations to the residents of the United States to maintain the federal highway system. >>
>> None of this should come as a surprise. This is what happens when nations go bankrupt: one by one, its major institutions fall into insolvency. >>
>> Today it’s the Highway Fund. Tomorrow it’ll be the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (we’ll talk about that one soon) and the United States Postal Service. >>
>> Then it’ll be Social Security and Medicare. Then the Federal Reserve. And eventually it’ll be the United States government itself. >>
>> The signs are everywhere– every single one of these hallowed institutions is flat broke. >>
>> It’s no longer some wild assertion to say that. Their own financial statements show that they’re insolvent. And it’s not hard to figure out what happens down the road. >>
>> Bankrupt governments invariably resort to plundering the wealth of their citizens. Inflation. Higher taxes. Confiscation of assets. Indebting unborn generations. And defaulting on the benefits promises they made to voters. >>
>> It’s time to face reality. And to start working on a Plan B. >>
>> Simon Black is founder of


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