Read Labels! food price deflation kills the poor 99%

Food packaging labels show the number of servings and number of calories per serving. Multiply these numbers together to get the number of calories per package. For example, a 5 pound sack of wheat flour contains 75 servings at 110 calories per serving. Type into the google search bar 75*110 and it will answer 8250 total calories per sack of flour. Then divide by the number of pennies per package which around here is $.99 or $1.99 say 100 or 200 pennies to make it simple

8250/100 = 82.5 calories per penny
8250/200 = 41.25 calories per penny

say 40. If a person makes $15 per hour then that is 1500 pennies per hour. Multiply that to get how many calories he/she makes per hour:

1500*40 = 60000 calories per hour

Divide that by 2000 which is the number of calories they need per day:

30 = 60000/2000

So by working one hour they can buy enough calories to eat for a whole month! Or they can feed a family of 30 for a whole day!

Sugar, shortening, lard, flavorings, vegetable oils, are all similarly cheap. So they can make a lot of bread and cookies at home, some quite tasty and safer than the expensive chemical laden junk food from the dollar store. The kids get free school lunches on top of that free.

So to support a family of 30 they can work one hour for food, and most of the rest of their pay is Obamacare and medical expenses resulting from consuming that junk food. Rent 500/15 is 33 hours, not even a full week unless they live in an expensive city. Used cars are cheap. Gasoline and insurance a little more. Some may get bikes or walk so don’t even have to pay that.

Lawyers, doctors, drug companies, gas companies, electronics, taxes, and insurance gobbles up most of their paychecks. Most of that is caused by poor quality food and electronics and education and autos destroying their physical and mental health. Leads to use of drugs, doctors, and malpractice lawyers, causing stress and destroying their brain even more and causing traffic accidents, sexual harassment, and lawsuits, etc. A downward spiral.

Cheap deflated junk food is a big exterminator driving the whole economy.

Poor people would be better off as sharecroppers growing organic vegetables, milk and honey for themselves, and giving the landlord excess for rent that would feed the cities for those people who are capable of doing the work that is needed to be done in the cities. The rest should stay home in the rural areas and live off the grid sharecropping.


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