University of Illinois Law School, Cyber Security

Illinois is #2 in accounting, even better than their engineering school that I need to be close to.

Illinois Law is #41, Chicago is #4. Chicago is famous for Mafia and corrupt politicians (I went to high school with 1 of their offspring).

Probably a great place to study corruption related Laws. Professors always like to write articles and I got great material for a case on corruption.

The Law school is in Urbana, in the cornfields a 2 hour train ride from downtown Chicago. I am getting excited as I already know a lot about accounting, computers, business law, cyber security, etc. It will probably not be hard to learn the related laws. Much easier than math, especially as one gets older. Mostly just common sense and uses computer stuff well known 30 years ago. I may even go to work for the FBI after I get the appropriate credentials. I may even get a law degree and pass the bar exam.

Law 638: White Collar Crime

This course will focus on the federal statutes commonly invoked in corporate and white collar prosecutions, including those used in prosecutions for conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, RICO, extortion, bribery, tax offenses, obstruction of justice, and false statements.

Students will examine reported cases, case studies, hypothetical problems, and other materials to investigate the theoretical and policy framework for individual and institutional responsibility in our criminal justice system.

Students will also explore emerging theories of corporate criminal liability and the principles undergirding the sanctions imposed for white collar crime. Prerequisites: This course is appropriate for law students who have completed introductory courses in criminal law and procedure. Some students have found it helpful to complete the course in Business Associations I (Law 633) before taking this course.

Law 605: Criminal Procedure: Investigations

This course deals with selected aspects of the administration of criminal justice. Primary emphasis is placed on the limitations imposed upon the criminal justice system by the Constitution and its amendments. The course focuses on those portions of the criminal justice system relating to the investigation of criminal activity; in depth study of the procedures employed in the processing of criminal cases is postponed until the course in Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Law 679). The primary matters considered in this course may include the following: (1) the concept of due process and its relation to the investigation and prosecution of criminal activities; (2) the right to counsel; (3) constitutional limitations on arrest, search, and seizure; (4) wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping; (5) police interrogations and the fifth amendment; (6) the entrapment defense; (7) pretrial identification procedures; and, (8) the scope and administration of exclusionary rules intended to deter certain police activity.

Through ICSSP, Illinois engineering and law students receive hands-on training from the nation’s top legal and computer science experts and join an emerging field in which there is a significant shortage of knowledgeable workers with multidisciplinary backgrounds. College of Law students at Illinois who have completed one year of coursework and have a STEM undergraduate background or are willing to acquire the requisite computer science background through additional coursework. These requisites include:
CS 125 Intro to Computer Science
CS 225 Data Structures
CS 233 Computer Architecture
CS 373 Theory of Computation

Law 651: Tax Exempt Organizations

This course will cover the rationale and technical tax requirements for exempting charities from federal and state taxes. Subjects covered will include the rationale for exemption, qualification rules under I.R.C. Section 501(c)(3), the Unrelated Business Income Tax, and if time permits, the charitable contributions deduction. Prerequisites: Income Taxation (Law 647) is required but may be taken concurrently with professor permission.


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