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I see Becky nearly every day running. She is 57 about the same size shape and color as you. She is from where Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri come together. She has run over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons, winning many, beating younger females and males. I talked to her today, she just got back midnight from Cancun Mexico after a 12 hour flight and was up running in the morning preparing for a half-marathon tomorrow morning at the Lakeside trail. She teaches middle school and has a overseas tour business with her husband. She had to go to Mexico alone (her husband was busy) for an educational tour of resorts for her business. The resorts are good but if you go inland it gets poor real fast, and dangerous. She got quite a sun-tan in Mexico. Missouri has been cloudy and wet most of the year.

You probably run much faster than Becky, maybe twice as fast. I guess she runs 7 to 9 minute miles most of the time, especially in the humid heat along the lake. But she can keep on going whereas faster runners stop and drop out. Older runners get better at longer distances because it takes years to build up the blood supply to the muscles. It is not difficult, but just takes time. Several times per week stress the muscles to where they feel oxygen deprivation. That signals capillary growth. That is the way I do everything. Do a few pull-ups push-ups and other exercises each day and the body naturally grows to meet the demand. I need to move closer to a university and other sports facilities to keep active in a bunch of different sports.

Exam-taking is like a sport. Sort of a performance. Like a half-marathon or something. Do something for an hour, 90 minutes… Stay alert and focused the whole time. Many cannot do it. I am amazed at how many people cannot answer simple questions or do basic sporting activities.

I want to see a few of the old classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. She was ranked #3 actress of all time and is really cute. She nearly starved to death in WWII and could not become professional ballerina because she was too weak and skinny from deprivation. She had 3 marriages and 6 miscarriages and finally had 1 child by c-section. She died at 63. Peppard died at 64 after smoking 3 packs a day for decades. Sad. She was actually part blue-blood and he had an education including engineering Purdue. Rare for movie stars.

You may not appreciate your good diet and habits. Many cannot even stay alive and reproduce, much less run a steeple-chase.


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