Prosecute Unlawful Condo Association Takeovers

How can I learn the names and addresses of this prosecution team ? They are active right now and know relevant laws and investigation techniques.

Interesting that Lawyers helped organize the criminals. Lawyers know how to exploit loopholes in laws and law enforcement.

Prosecutors have alleged that the scheme involved stacking homeowners association boards with friendly members who would hand out legal work and construction defect contracts at the expense of the associations and their homeowners.

One lawyer has formally entered a guilty plea.

Prosecutors build a foundation to obtain indictments against higher-level players in the massive conspiracy.

Prosecutors intend to name close to 18 defendants, mostly former homeowners association board members and community management employees.

Intelligence detectives, FBI agents and IRS agents are working hand-in-hand in the investigation with prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Fraud Section in Washington, D.C.


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