turmeric prevent mind fog, Alzheimers, cancer, arthritis,…

Maybe the cheapest and best way is to just buy mustard. The yellow color is from the turmeric. It needs to be boiled to absorb well, and they boil it before putting it into the bottle. And it is in solution where it can dissolve and diffuse. I am guessing. Also it is well known that Black pepper also helps activate turmeric as is the basis for curry Indian cusine.

Turmeric is a rhizome, like ginger, and in its native India, where people cook with it daily, the rate of Alzheimer’s in people in their 70’s is among the lowest in the world. Studies are now being conducted on turmeric’s prevention of Alzheimer’s, as well as its effectiveness as a treatment for people who already suffer from symptoms of the disease. In addition to being a possible preventative of Alzheimer’s, turmeric is being studied as a

preventative and even cure for certain types of cancers.

Tests have also shown that turmeric is effective in preventing and treating arthritis, and it’s being tested for

cystic fibrosis, diabetes, psoriasis, and lowering cholesterol.


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