Aluminum in diet dangers

Manufacturers add all kinds of toxins to food products to make more profits.

Aluminum in the body has only bad effects, no good effects. It is in the environment and some foods naturally so you can’t get rid of all the poison. But you can avoid intake of poison. Drink more water to excrete excess aluminum.

I am also trying to get rid of fluorine and chlorine in the water (use water from the lake).

I will quit most tea that naturally has fluorine.

Coffee is the most chemicalized crop but many studies find coffee has health benefits, the greatest source of anti-oxidants in the standard diet.

Try to get organic coffee beans and grind them yourself so it is maximum fresh, not rancid exposed to air too long.

Many tricks to getting rid of toxins. Organic food is better. Grow your own. Get your own cow and chickens.

I noticed that common iodized table salt contains sodium aluminum silicate;

I wondered if fresh produce has aluminum naturally occurring from the field since no one seems concerned about adding it to a lot of food products.?

I just looked at a sack of self-rising flour. It contains sodium aluminum phosphate! Alzheimers plaque supposedly has a lot of aluminum.

I am going gluten-free and trying to get rid of aluminum, mercury, and other poisons.

I quit buying flour – I don’t need empty calories. This is a year old sack ready to be tossed anyway. I do like wheat germ, but it has gluten.


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