Oil price crash, university luxurious funding, FICO 850

I am open to moving to California, Texas, and elsewhere. Just decided yesterday. Cleaning house and will sell it or rent it out. No rush. Back to living out of a suitcase like most of my adult life. I need better university access, like a top 5 department, companies, and some politicians too. I want to move several times per year for the best possible weather and access resources.. I know many good spots all over USA. Gorgeous weather around here lately due to drought and not very cold for winter.

Oil price collapse will let us see who is naked, who went long when they should have gone short. Booms do not last forever. Irrationals run out of money so price will drop. Rationals who timed correctly will get rich. Global deflation cannot be stopped. Texas, Alaska, and North Dakota will crash.

Universities are increasingly ridiculous. Students have lots of money and buy $5 Starbucks, $1000 MacBooks, live in fancy dorms, use fancy gyms, wear fancy clothes, buy lots of $300 textbooks… Professors are way overpaid (welfare for the middle class) and a vast army of administrators keep the system going. Downtown is taken over by 4 large universities. Old buildings renovated, gentrified. Students living in fancy lofts. Wall to wall bars, coffee shops, restaurants. This is not a rich area money wise but it is opulent living and low crime compared to most of California. Some students are smart, but looks to me like more entertainment and less learning than in past decades.

I fill out the form below every 4 months and mail it in for a free credit report. My FICO score 2 places say is 850 which is high but they say it would be higher if I opened more credit lines and started borrowing. I never use debt. i am surprised I even have a FICO score. I am increasingly anti-hacker, avoiding credit cards,… I have started using cash and paper checks again.



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