Communist Chinese cement tool of social control by rich fat cat elites

Cement helps ruling elites rich 1% control the poor 99% masses. Communist China saw how this worked in the USA 1900-2014.
Now they are taking it further by pushing the largest human mass migration in history. Build new cities full of skyscrapers, freeways, subways, etc. Indebted, drugged, entertained sheeple, sitting on their butts getting prostrate cancer, hemorrhoids, stupidity, dementia,… Plow over the traditional family farms where 99% of the population recently lived self sufficiently with enough food and exercise. Replace with GMO CAFO junk food processors who help control the masses by degenerative diseases. Execute farmers who will not move.

Concrete asphalt destroys the land but by concentrating in tall apartment buildings the sheeple get views and ready access to work and entertainment.

Concrete asphalt allows illegals — slaves to replace many poor jobs. Increase frictions, riots, civil wars, crime, drugs,…
Get the population fighting each other so they do not attack the rich fat cat elites.

We don’t need concrete. Many areas have lots of natural rock that can be shaped by 1 man with iron hammer and chisel, stone masonry. Or just a tipi wood and hide. If SHTF can move easily. Most seemingly livable areas have environmental hazards and people that may force you to move.

Seemingly cool housing and lifestyles are produced by environmentally deleterious technologies that result in disease and destruction.


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