SHTF readiness not for older persons who like embedded computers Raspberri Pi

Ignore advice if they are trying to sellyou stuff. The goal isto get off the grid so not dependent for water, food, power,fuel… If you are buying stuff you are not off the grid. By age 30 you should not need to buy anything except more acres to feed your expanding stock.

By age 50 you should be giving stuff away. Older people don’t need to worry about SHTF because they don’t have much to lose. (Strange that young people take more risks while old people are cautious. Probably because young are ignorant and old are battered and bruised.)

Also people like me are risk lovers. I live in a safe area but eager to move to a higher risk big city area with more computer people. Suddenly interested in Raspberry Pi computers for home security, defense, etc. $20 is a good basic computer like a 1990 era PC that cost $2000. Now much smaller with lots of cheap upgrades for vision, sensors, etc. Lots of user groups at big colleges and cities such as MIT MST Illinois etc. I bought a manual yesterday at the local bookstore and Radio Shack sells kits.

Bright sunny day yesterday, after recent cold overcast day before that. December is the driest with low humidity, less clouds, often bright and sunny. Maybe the best month although days are short.

Raspberry Pi Model A+, Model B+ and Model B Boards and Accessories _ MCM Electronics.pdf

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