hi 75. veterans students: Berkeley Animal House

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Another warm day so I walked 10 miles out by the Table Rock Lake Marina, photos attached. Temperature dropping 50 degrees right now but will warm up soon for more rain.

Branson and Missouri in general is respectful of veterans. Makes me feel like a dignitary, although I had forgotten I was a veteran.

Students at Missouri State University are friendly, civilized and well groomed. Better than most California universities except maybe Stanford, Redlands, and a few others. Also in a lower crime area for a fairly large city, mostly white.

Berkeley is becoming a multicultural animal house. I have long thought students should be married before college and veterans too. They would be more serious about learning and not causing problems such as:

BERKELEY — Five people were sexually assaulted at a fraternity house near the University of California at Berkeley last weekend. These latest allegations make nine reports of sexual assault in the last month. reported assaults: five people were given a date rape drug commonly known as “roofies” before they were assaulted, UC Police Lt. Eric Tejada said.a chilling reminder for UC Berkeley sophomore Natalie: “You have toremember to keep your cup in your sight the whole time. because I know that the moment I take my eyes off my drink, there’s risk for being drugged,”


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