Hi 75. riots, civil war, quakes, plague, infrastructure collapse, war

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Heatwave this weekend. Beautiful. Tourists everywhere.

Social trends are not good butmany problems can be avoided by choice of location. Many people will be affected, but probably not me. I will try to stay in a mostly white mono-cultural area that is not too heavily populated. Even in the multi-cultural areas such as Florida there are mostly white enclaves all over, some quite large. At least the great majority of people are white. Many people are older, retired, and less likely to riot. Further, the Latinos are often Cuban with higher education and income levels than whites. They are not reconquista forces.

I would avoid excessively multi-cultural large cities. Many have decaying infrastructure and a polluted ecosystem with lots of poverty and crime.

There are plenty of good ecosystems with clean air and water, and reasonably low populationdensity. Many have great amenities not too far away.

Some threats include Communist Chinawhich does have the potential to do great damage without anybody knowing where the attack is coming from. Russia and others pose threats but are less capable. Muslims are not smart enough. Get off the grid so they cannot shut down your electricity.

An airborne contagious disease such as Bird flu or Swine flu is more serious a threat than Ebola. Avoid crowds. Have the ability to self-quarantine.

California drought is bad for agriculture but can go on for decades without lethal damage. It will just send poor agriculture workers back to Mexico or some other wet area.

Earthquakes are not bad if you build your house right and are very rare anyway. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, sinkholes, etc. are also very rare. Buy insurance and a shelter.

Most catastrophes will cut off the supply of electricity, food, water and other commodities. One should try to get off the grid and produce necessities as much as possibleon a daily basis. Thus when the crisis happens, you will be ready.

Evenwithout a crisis many purchased essentials are of low quality, expensive, taxed, and liable to be cutoffsometimes for no good reason.

Don’t count on Obama or Hilary Clinton to be able to solve the next crisis.

Hi Joe:
What you are describing are the millennials of our age who have yet to experience any kind of hardship or disaster. This parallels what happened in Rome under Trajan, and I can see it happening here, so I guess history repeats itself. Integration is not working and blacks are more and more revolting against the system which will eventually lead to street battles. How soon is anybody’s guess.

Trajan is remembered as a successful soldier-emperor who presided over the greatest military expansion in Roman history, leading the empire to attain its maximum territorial extent by the time of his death. He is also known for his philanthropic rule, overseeing extensive public building programs and implementing social welfare policies, which earned him his enduring reputation as the second of the Five Good Emperors who presided over an era of peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean world.

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