hippies, drugs, Vietnam war, Communists 100,000,000 dead.

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Some hippies who were against war against Communists are for war against Muslims. Some are called “neocons” or neo-conservatives. Figure that out. They often ignore the threat of Communist China. Communists killed over 100,000,000 of their own countrymen. I remember Nikita Kruschev speech “we will bury you”. I grew up next to a SAC base with nuke bombers always in the air ready to fly to Russia, as sat on the front porch watching Sputnik fly over.

Several of my high school classmates were killed in Vietnam. Last year one of the dead was called a “killer” on Facebook by another classmate who went to Stanford where he did not do much and then dodged the draft by going to Canada and marrying a lady with 4 kids so I hear. Before high school he kissed the pretty tall blonde #1 in my class who went to Berkeley and at age 18 married her Philosophy TA who destroyed his brain on some drug cooked up in the chemistry labs so she divorced him at age 19. Another doctor’s son went to Stanford on a football scholarship but ended up 10 years in prison for selling marijuana.

My experience with ivy league expensive private school kids does not make me impressed with their intellectual abilities but I am impressed with how much money they can spend on tuition and exam coaching without much to show for it except for big egos and often poor mental and physical health. Most of them would be better off as sharecroppers or draftee potato peelers or deck swabbers. Save professor’s time for smart people who could benefit from education.

I am surprised with all the negative publicity about the bad effects of drugs that the younger generation is still using so much drugs. Even at very “good” colleges.

I never could relate to hippie drug use, anti-education, anti-work, anti-career, anti-bathing, filth, bra-burning, etc.


A thrill seeker, Soh, a senior enrolled in Washington University’s notoriously demanding Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program, planned to spend Thanksgiving break in Las Vegas. If Soh was upset at losing several hundred dollars at the casino, By 2 a.m. Soh and his entourage were on the 21st floor of the building and had joined three other friends from school who’d been tripping on LSD for hours. Soh seemed anxious, flustered and was mumbling to himself in his native Korean. 4 a.m., Soh, Jim and a few others piled into a car for a psychedelic drive through Forest Park. snack stop at John Donut Each took another tab of acid. 5 a.m. gathered in Soh’s apartment on the 23rd floor where they allegedly smoked some joints and began watching the conspiracy-theory documentary. As dawn began to break at 6:30 a.m., the party had frittered away. At 8:30 a.m. a woman watching the news in her apartment on the 11th floor of the Dorchester glimpsed a “shadow” flit past her east-facing window.


Almost immediately after Washington University student Yongsang Soh tumbled from a 23rd floor balcony and died, his death was pronounced a suicide.A year later, The cause of death is now ruled as undetermined, with the presence of LSD in his system listed as a factor.Soh’s prominent South Korean family has quietly embarked on a campaign for Washington University to take some responsibility for the death. Soh’s family proposed that Washington University pay them $50 million in damages and get tougher on student discipline. In exchange, the family promised not to sue and not to go public with their concerns about the school. The family explains that Soh had a bright future but fell in with a freewheeling drug culture at Washington University that ultimately led to his death.As one child in a set of triplets.The Soh family operates a chain of Papa John’s restaurants in South Korea. the Soh family enjoyed what’s akin to royalty status in South Korea. stand-alone equity of Papa John’s Korea at around $12 billion.


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