no gun Florida beaches colleges big cities healthy people, edibles

1% SHTF, rare, spend less time on it.

99% no SHTF. Most of the time prepare for no SHTF. Same procedures often can help if SHTF anyway.

1. get Educated. More important if SHTF. You become your own doctor. Knowledge must be in your brain, accumulated over decades. Even if no SHTF you can often prevent problems thus saving the cost of doctors and drugs. I am amazed at all the problems that can develop in the many structures and chemicals in the human body. Many problems are self inflicted. Sheeple are irrationally killing themselves by too much electronics, fossil fuels, junk food, and Obamacare.

2. Move walking distance to a university with classes and libraries. Go to classes, lectures, meetings, libraries. Talking and reading real books/people cannot be tracked as easily as Email Facebook Twitter Internet. Big cities have better TV, Radio, newspapers that are hard to track and often free. Sheeple pay money to be tracked and led to destruction.

3. Move to healthy environment with lots of bikinis. Cannot hide a gun in a bikini. People want skinny when other people see their details all day. Skinny people have healthier brains. Fat people are caused by the same diets and inactivity that cause cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and other problems. Sheeple pay money to get sicker.

Florida has zero income taxes and great edibles and fun places. The climate of Florida is very mild. The temperatures across the state average in the low 80’s with moderate humidity. The growing season ranges from 100-200 days or longer.

• Florida has the highest average precipitation of any state.

• Myakka fine sand soil is unique to Florida. This soil is recognized as the state soil because it occurs in 1.5 million acres of flat woods, making it the single most extensive soil in the state.

• Florida produces 70% of the annual US production of citrus. About 95% of commercial orange production in the state is destined for processing, mostly as orange juice.

• Greenhouse and nursery products are Florida’s top leading crops financially yielding $1.93 billion in 2008. Florida ranks 2nd nationally for these products.

• Florida ranks 2nd in US production of fresh vegetables and provides 80% of the fresh vegetables consumed in the US during January, February, and March each year.

• Florida ranks 4th in the southeast and 11th nationally in the production of beef calves.

• Florida is consistently ranked in the top 12 states in fresh seafood production.

• The top 5 agricultural commodities in 2008 were: greenhouse / nursery products, oranges, tomatoes, dairy products, and sugarcane.

• Florida Thoroughbred industry has produced 41 North American champions. 18 breeders cup winners and a Triple Crown-winner.

• Florida ranks 9th nationally for total agricultural sales in the United States.

• 10 million acres used for farmland.

• The second largest industry in the state is agriculture. Tourism is the largest industry


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