liberals. computer privacy engineering Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I also noted the problem of liberals taking over the universities, usually at ridiculously high salaries that pushes tuition to where college is not worth the price. There are some good but overly expensive programs such asthe MS in privacy engineering at Carnegie Mellon attached, but half of college students would be better off debt free as sharecroppers. Great fall weather here. Cool air invigorates and sends insects and snakes into hiding. Less leaves can see the terrain and lake better.

It’s grad student recruiting season…. here is what I am recruiting for…. send qualified students my way! I’m especially looking for students who have technical backgrounds but are interested in interdisciplinary studies around privacy, usable security, and technology and public policy. All programs are for full time students at the CMU campus in Pittsburgh, PA.

Computation, Organizations and Society: The Ph.D. program in Societal Computing

PhD in Engineering & Public Policy

Masters in Privacy Engineering – a 1 year program, scholarships available!

Computation, Organizations and Society: The Ph.D. program in Societal Computing“Computing About and For Society”The Ph.D. program in Computation, Organizations and Society (COS):Prepares students to be tomorrow’s leaders in designing, constructing and assessing technology that will transform society, business, policy, and law or be used to computationally reason about these complex socio-computational transformations.World-class interdisciplinary facultyUnique multi-disciplinary curriculum – focused on the cutting edge in computer science, statistical and network methods, theories and findings from the social, organizational, management and policy sciences.Engage in hands-on applications and cutting-edge research starting in year 1.Application areas include: privacy, dynamic social networks, link analysis, team and organizational performance, computer simulation, bio-surveillance, sustainability, electronic voting, and supply chain management, socio-technical ecosystems, and product development ecosystems.


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