Survival on the land

Preparing a survival getaway acres makes a lot of sense for younger persons who have the time to make the acres productive so they could actually survive there. They may even be able to live there provided they could make a living on the internet or something, maybe even farming. A college education in agriculture would help a young person get started. Growing up in the culture would help too.

For older persons the remote acres might do more harm than good. The probability is high that older persons will be needing frequent medical care or perhaps emergency room care. Being too far away can mean the difference between life and death. Also they may injure themselves developing the rural property. Farming is a high-risk occupation. There are snakes, insects, lions, wolves, bear, etc. Amateurs would be more likely to get hurt and less likely to be physically able to develop the acres into something survivable.

But many old and young might be able to grow enough organic vegetables, hens, bees, fruits, nuts, or hunting and fishing, so as to eat better than what they can do in the city. It does not take much land to grow a lot of vegetables, but for hens, hunting, large scale, etc. a rural location would be much preferred.

So remote acres could be useful for many but for others a bad investment or even fatal. It would depend on the persons involved and how much they have to pay for acres and how much time they would have to give to the project. Still probably a better investment than most even if not developed very well.

Probably at least half of college students would be better off debt free sharecroppers on remote acres than wasting time in college. I sometimes think that college educational-industrial establishment is a tool of extermination similar to the corporate junk food establishment, medical-industrial establishment, military-industrial establishment, home mortgage debt bank establishment, etc.

If you can escape to the country you might evade most of the extermination projects promulgated by the rich 1% powers that be. And will not be helping the exterminators when making money on your “job.”


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