Ferguson riots? rain, hi 66. sore weightlifting

I am not paying any attention to Ferguson Missouri. It is far away. More KKK than blacks around here. Not much racism anyway. Lots of segregation, often by hundreds of miles. So little friction or contact. Live in different worlds. Not much tension. Cost of living is low and pay is high. Why go to a riot? Work more and get rich! Exercise more, eat better, live longer. Riots are a waste of time and money. Put effort into writing academic articles that will train future generations for centuries to come.

Tourists everywhere, like a zoo. Shopping centers packed. Economy is doing great. People got money and are spending it freely. Lots of fancy brightly colored shoes and clothes in style.

I just heard thunder and a lot of rain. I better turn my computer off to protect it. I am very sleepy 6:45 pm. Very hard weightlifting yesterday – sore head to toe. Plus 3 hours walking yesterday and today.

Attached Photos shows castle of distinguished Russian Jew comedian Yaakov Smirnoff in the distance past the Majestic Steak-house. Yaakov is a partly retired college student who also teaches at Missouri State and U Missouri. He invents jokes from his classes and experiences on campus. Fall is mostly fallen. Some dark red and brown leaves remain, and the evergreens remain green. Hi 66, lo 50 last night but now is getting colder.


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