liberals, stocks, gold, oil, dollar, interest rates,…

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Liberalsin high places are often ladder climbing Vietnam draft dodgers who loafed and smoked pot at ivy league rich fat cat universitieswhile others died for their freedom. Liberals looked down their noses at me and other veterans like we were crazy for joining the service while they went to expensive crook doctors to get draft waivers for non-existent health problems. Draft dodgers took expensive exam tutoring and private schools so they could get into often fancy colleges. They never worked a day in their life. They promote affirmative action for negroes and latinos so that veterans returning from war will have to work twice as hard to get ahead. What liberals don’t realize is that hard work builds character and increases brain cells and thinking ability. By goofing off their whole lives liberal brains turned to mush and their accomplishments minimal despite great hyperbole and awardsand salaries. Their pension funds and investments are booming in the Obama economyas shown in the attached graphs. Stock prices are likely to do even better as the Republicans gain more control. The rich are getting richer. Many of the rich are liberals. There does seem to be a lot of ways to get rich nowadays on the internet and social media. Social media may have some social valuebut has numerous issuessuch as privacy. I just signed up for a social media platform that does not require birthdays. Will struggle to find any use for it.


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