computer irrational privacy

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Our temperatures are 30 degrees below our normal 60. Good to hear you enjoyed your trip to Pensacola Florida thatis 71 today about normal. Maybe I should move to Florida. I lost all my military contacts the day I left the service and have not seen any of them since although I was quite sociable the whole time.

20 years ago smart people were jumping into the internet totake advantage of the many resources available. Then over decades the vast herd of sheeple joined them. Now the problem is how to disengage from the internet to avoid getting trampled by sheeple or eaten by predators attracted by the vast herd of sheeple.

This video does an overview of some of the problems “soft” “psychology” but also a few hard concrete steps one can take such as better passwords. Much of the problem comes from politics – the failure to enact laws leads to loss of privacy and loss of moneyand loss of war. I am usually interested in the hard engineering problems but now the soft political problems are getting to be worse. I may recommend getting rid of homeinternetconnections, cableTV, and most electronics. Get a rotary dial telephone. Use the computers at school or work.

As we increasingly rely on the Internet to connect to everything from banks and electrical grids to medical devices and autonomous vehicles, we are exposed to new vulnerabilities that threaten our security and privacy.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has long supported research to enable transformational advances in cybersecurity–from early NSF investments in cryptography and data protection in the 1980s and 1990s to today’s broad portfolio of research investments enabling new paradigms for cybersecurity and consumer protection.

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