Search Engine with no tracking

Some of us want everybody to read our emails to further a political and social agenda. Many have gone to social media such as Facebook and Twitter that are easier for more people to use than email so you get your ideas across better plus you can find more people of your persuasion. I don’t use Facebook as it gets your real name, birth date, contacts, and tracks you in many ways to make money off you.

All of the major email services are like an open book to police. Often hackers can get at your mail too. I recommend keeping email to a minimum and changing addresses frequently. I recommend a French company. For $9 per year you can get a UK domain, 3 email addresses, a website with contact form, and a 1GB blog, all aesthetic as one might expect from France. They do not get your birthday! so is better than the free mail services that usually require that and want your cell phone number. You need email to function in the economy today so pay a few dollars to keep your birth day out of their database.

I am trying to get rid of computers as much as possible, working on new approaches. (Have been in computers 44 years). You would be surprised at how much information so many people have about you.

I found a house on secluded 20 acres even more remote and Caucasian than where I am now. May go look at it this week. Try to get off the grid and self sufficient in food, water, etc. as much as possible.

Lothar wrote:
>> From: Ron
>> Date: November 9, 2014 at 10:51:46 AM PST
>> Subject: Re: Search Engine with no tracking
>> Thanks Rich,
>> FYI-Listened to C2C guest Robert J. Steele on last nite. Steele is a former Marine officer and CIA officer/analyst. He currently writes and speaks as a public activist. Steele stated that;”if you have Google “G Mail” get rid of it.” Steele added; “Google acts as a branch of the US intelligence community. You would probably be better off with another service.” >>
>> Ron
>> Rich wrote:
>> Thanks for the laugh! Rich and I have agreed, should we ever decide to pool our respective family resources and go off the grid, that there will be an electrified, barb wire fence separating my property from his. (i.e. it probably won’t happen) >>
>> >> In a message dated 11/9/2014 9:37:30 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, sputnik writes: >> I experience ZERO paranoia on a daily basis. But thanks anyway. 🙂 >>


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