Brain. fish oil sunlight. Electronic damage!

I attended an excellent lecture on skull and brain structure by a histology expert on the cerebellum which is small but amazingly complex and does quite a lot of the work needed to keep you alive

Brain is the most interesting health study, and how it is impacted by chemicals, exercise, hormones, foods, drugs, herbs, diets, sleep, electronics, massage, drainage, viruses, prions, infections, … I never knew brain was so plastic and could be worked on so easily, like more fish oil (I like). Cod liver oil is a “feel good” food.

Interesting long article very relevant to you excerpt below. Vitamin D is very important.Summer I get vitamin D from sunshine.Winter I get vitamin D from Cod Liver Oil (Walmart or a 6 month supply for $11 at

Also they sell a years supply of coconut oil for $22

A wide variety of brain tissue contains vitamin D receptors, and when they’re activated by vitamin D, it facilitates nerve growth in your brain. Researchers also believe that optimal vitamin D levels boosts levels of important brain chemicals, and protect brain cells by increasing the effectiveness of glial cells innursing damaged neurons back to health.

Vitamin D may also exert some of its beneficial effects on yourbrain through its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, which are well established.

‘Most Robust Study of Its Kind’ Confirms Link Between Low Vitamin D and dementia. again been confirmed with the publication of a robust six-year long study conducted by an international team of researchers. As reported by Science Daily:

“Study participants who were severely vitamin D deficient were more than twice as likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease…


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