Hysteria: Ebola Obama $1000 Vaccination. Selenium

Obama is worse than Ebola.
Both should be confined to Africa.
Multicultural fossil fuel burning spreads disease.
Stay home.
Sheeple hysteria herds to big governmentvaccines.
Drug companies will get rich off vaccinespaid for by Obama-care. Republicans get rich off Democrat big government spending.
Only 1 Ebola death in USA so far.
This is not a disease to be feared unless it spreads aggressively into gay communitiesand intravenous drug addicts. Or mutates.
Not nearly as dangerous as sweets or autos.

Rain all day here.


vaccine manufacturers are demanding indemnity against lawsuits that may arise from the use of a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine

The federal government may also expect some resistance to a mass vaccination program against Ebola.

Considering how the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has bungled the handling deadly pathogens in the past, and has so far clumsily tripped over every Ebola hurdle placed in its path.

We probably have more to fear from the federal government than the viruses themselves. Hence when the federal government arrives at your door saying “we are here to help,” it’s understandable why some may want to run in the other direction…

How are we measuring threats of disease against the rights of individuals? It appears our rights are gone when the threats appear as minor as possible, while an incompetent government and fear mongering media led by big pharma mislead and conquer.

selenium deficiency. The documented relationship between low selenium status and impaired immunity in relation to Ebola goes back to 1995. Intriguing evidence suggests that the lethal hemorrhaging associated with the Ebola virus may be influenced by a lack of selenium…

According to Dr. Gary Gordan, adults need at least 400 micrograms (mcg) of selenium per day, but if the virus is making seleno-proteins—which Ebola is thought to do—you may need several times that amount. The documentation I’m referring to was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine in 1995,15 and reads in part:

“The expression of this hypothetical protein could impose an unprecedented selenium demand upon the host, potentially leading to severe lipid peroxidation and cell membrane destruction. This could also contribute to the characteristic hemorrhaging caused by intravascular blood clotting, due to the thrombotic effect of selenium (Se) deficiency. The possibility that this gene might contribute to the extreme pathogenicity of the Zaire strain of Ebola virus by this mechanism is also consistent with the observation that this potential selenoprotein gene is not present in the Ebola Reston strain, which was not pathogenic in humans…

It is very well documented that selenium plays a significant role in the regulation of blood clotting via its effects on the thromboxane/prostacyclin ratio. Selenium has an anti-clotting effect, whereas selenium deficiency has a pro-clotting or thrombotic effect.


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