obama ebola dangers. Evacuation

Pouring rain this morning, thunder, lightning. Missouri Illinois Iowa Midwest harvests are slow because the fields are too muddy. This is our dry season. Rain is a little below average so far this year. Has been nice and warm for a week, very beautiful with lots of wildflowers and mushrooms everywhere. I will lift weights indoors instead of walking outdoors today.

I bought $2.98 gasoline Monday. By Thursday price has already deflated to $2.91 probably due to lack of demand for fuel with less flights to and from Africa. China is a big investor in Africa. Buy chocolate before it runs out. Deflation is spreading to Stocks and Gold. Time to sell Dead Stocks and buy LiveStockin the form of cows, hens, pigs, sheep, goats,bees,… Get ready to head for the hills if ebola arrives near you.

I am surprised Obamais not doing more to combat Ebola such as banning all travel to and from Africa — a complete quarantine and embargo. By letting Ebola spread Obama may cause a huge economic crashworse than the great depression. The commonrefrain that Obama is an idiot may not be far off the mark. Government stupidity may be one of the reasons for recent volatility in the stock market-graphs attached. Coupled with irrational investor sheeple herding to exits and off the cliff we may see a stock market crash even if ebola is controlled as it should be, easily. Stupidity coupled with irrationality is an incurable double whammy feature of human behavior.


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