Ozarks Obama boom continues? Human Anatomy.

Great Fall Weather. Hi near 80, Lo near 50, fairly sunny the past few days. Last week it rained over 3 inches in one hourwhile I was driving to class. I was worried about getting stuck in a big park in the middle of Springfield. But I found a parking place, waited 30 minutes in the car, and walked to class without an umbrella as the sun came out.
I am starting to think Missouri Ozarks are the best place I have ever lived except for Cambridge Massachusetts. Very cleanenvironment and not so much of a financial ripoff on everything. Gasoline less than $3 and my summer electric bill $29 usually the peak season for bills. Students around here are friendly, clean-cut, and white. The opposite of San Francisco State — inner city ghetto people, gay, sick, and addicted. I have no desire to go back to California.

I highly recommend people who have time to take a class in human anatomy. Quite complicated but one learns how things fit together and what it is that is hurting, and often why. Yesterday we studied ruptured spleens and kidneys. And gallstones and kidney stones. How all these organs work together is amazing. Makes me want to avoid injuries and not overstress the body.

I like my math class much better than anatomy. I am not into blood and guts.

I notice Wall Street Journal and many writers hinting that they think the Obama boom may be on its last legs. Smart money probably already pulling out. QE is winding down and interest rates are probably headed up. So assetprices may be ready to fall. What usually happens is that they fall much faster than they went up. Fear takes over. It is easy to sell. A crash cannot be ruled out. More likely a slow deflation in stock prices.

I am assuming NO catastrophe such as Ebola epidemic escapes from dark Africa. Or big California earthquake or mega-drought. Or riots, race war, nuke,… The mid east wars may help the economy. Blow up a bunch of aging bombs and equipment. Buy new bombs and equipment!

I attach some graphs showing the good performance of the stock market in recent years.


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