Smart People use Dumb Phones. $3 gasoline. 78 degrees.

Temperature 72 low last night, 78 high today. Beautiful sunny. Gasoline is below $3 everywhere. At the lake I saw 3 maxed out new Corvettes from Indiana, and a brand new Black Ferrari. I would rather have a horse and some acres.

3 people I know had their phones hacked last week.I recommend a dumb phone only Smart phones cause cancer more than dumb phones.
Smart phone batteries do not last as long.
Smart phones are more fragile, break, more expensive, need data plans.
Smart phones can be hacked more easily and steal your money, data, privacy, contacts, information,…

I rarely turn my dumb phone on. I just use my free google voice phone. It converts messages to emails that I can read (or click listen if I need to hear). If somebody wants to talk to me I just go over and talk with them in person.

Why Some Smart Business Moguls Still Use ‘Dumb Phones’

When it comes to consumer technology, many people are used to coveting the newest and shiniest gadget. So it may come as a surprise that a number of top executives and dealmakers are still clinging to ancient mobile phones. Of these outmoded mobiles, one stands out as the clear favorite. By all appearances, it’s the Nokia 6310, a model that was discontinued more than six years ago. Among its devotees, according to the Financial Times, are Martin Schulz, the president of the European Union’s parliament; retail mogul Philip Green; and Julian Dunkerton, chief executive of clothing company SuperGroup, which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of more than $1.6 billion. Why would global leaders hang on to obsolete technology, especially in the high-flying, status-conscious set they move in? For one thing, old Nokias were built to last: They are hard to damage (no touchscreen to worry about) and have a long battery life. Also, being less connected can actually be an advantage, improving your focus on what’s important. With the Nokia 6310, “I’m not bombarded with emails every minute, allowing me to deal with the crucial stuff,” And it turns out, an old “dumb phone” can actually serve as a status symbol. It signals to associates that you can’t be bothered to check email every 10 minutes. Other people actually like the retro aesthetics. If you feel the urge to go back to the future, you would do well to check online marketplaces. A search of eBay turns up a number of Nokia 6310 phones for sale, with “buy it now” prices ranging from $44 to $64. Not a bad price for a decent phone


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