Military Service.


My father’s older brother AJ, was a flight engineer WWII 24 bombing missions over Japan but did not drop the nukes. At 6’3" and over 300 pounds he stood out in the occupation forces. He was also an early advisor in Vietnam. He got the highest rank enlisted but was diagnosed with diabetes, too fat, so he resigned. He went on a diet and exercise regime and lost below 200 pounds and became healthy, produced 4 daughters and worked in the military industrial complex Silicon Valley. He ate too much steak, lobsters, and French Wine so eventually got cancer.

My surname is Scots-Irish we defeated England for USA independence, and the Romans had to build Hadrian’s wall to keep us from overrunning England. My great-great grandfather was buried under table rock lake, moved to Bentonville.

I was born in an Air Force town (Cannon AFB NM) and grew up just out of sight of the SAC base Roswell NM. I went to college in San Diego where the only ROTC program was Air Force. I wanted to be a marine and was starting to be a professional boxer but decided to study and get my degree. I talked to AJ a lot about the time I joined up. He had post-traumatic stress but did not let it bother him too much.

Both sides of my family were heavily military and still are. My brother went to Iraq and Afghanistan to teach firearms even though he was retired.

My father was in most of the WWII battles in the Pacific until his ship hit a mine in Korea about the time WWII ended. With the tallest mast, it attracted a lot of kamikaze attention in those battles

One or more sisters were in the Waves or Wacs and all brothers-in-law in the military. My mother worked on a base in uniform but I think a civilian nurse. Not sure.

Burl, my father’s brother in-law former New Mexico heavyweight boxing champion, survived the Bataan death march and 6 years slave labor, nearly starved down to 90 pounds. He was never the same but produced 3 daughters and 1 grand-daughter went to Stanford and is a top notch medical doctor. He was very funny, smart, friendly.

Most of the above lived in San Diego when I was there. My uncle AJ lived on the hillside overlooking the bay in a house removed to build the I-5 freeway. Moved to a different hillside. Then to Silicon Valley.

Dan was in the Navy, I think. Don’t know his rank. His wife Mary Ella got asthma in the Ozarks so my grandparents moved to New Mexico to save her life.

My mother had 6 brothers in the wars:

Clifford, killed and buried in Presidio San Francisco where his Swedish grandfather lived. Was the oldest, smartest, and strongest. I visited his grave circa 1989. I lived in the greater San Francisco Bay area for over 30 years where my father’s ship was nearly sunk by 2 torpedoes Jap submarine sees the darkened ship against SF skyline.

Wilbur, career Navy big shot, hair went white in one week as he planned the Anzio amphibious landing in Italy. teacher and preacher. Bartlesville OK

James, Army front line foot soldier landed in Normandy and fought all his way to Berlin. Joplin MO

William, career Navy reserves high rank officer. Wichita KS

Charles, Navy, was too valuable to send into battle, mathematics, built ships in Richmond California.

Robert, enlisted Army, shot in Korea, bullet went right down his back and tore his uniform but he was not injured much. Los Angeles, got rich, sort of in movies, and produced 20 children.

Most of these half Swedish brothers taught industrial arts or math. Later became preachers.

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