hi 65, rain, new theory, Ford Model T meetings

I walked 15 miles in cool drizzle and sprinkles. Our high temperature today was below our low temperature last night as the wind suddenly changed from south to north. No sun, thunder or lightning.

While walking I solved a math problem that I have been thinking about since 2005. At least I see that it can be easily solved. Just a bunch of algebra. The random walk of stock prices. What is the true shape of the bell curve under various assumptions? Past 2 weeks I attended 3 lectures in a class by a “pure” mathematician on probability that really made sense. He is a very clear speaker and well published. No notes, just carefully writes formulas on the board and explains in detail with lots of examples from his memory. I was not being clear enough on permutations, combinations, partitions, compositions and whether the balls and urns were distinguishable or indistinguishable, thus making the project seem much more difficult than it really is. Now I just got to do a lot of tedious writing and computer programming.

Although I have always been very modern and high tech, I think there is much to be said for traditional society and practices. The problem with modernity is “bloat” stupidity and greed. Give a fool a rope and he will hang himself. While walking around the lake I saw people driving Ford model T and the latest Porsche. Fancy cars can’t be driven faster than old junkers, legally, usually. Mostly a waste of money. Cities should be re-engineered so people can walk to where they need to go. Or ride a bike. Or horse and buggy. Or train. Healthier. The older cars look simple, functional, and comfortable but unsafe. Need better quality wood, metals, glass,… and a safer design. Interesting that tires were 22 inches back then and are getting big like that nowadays. Also fancy cars now still often use wood.


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