medical knowledge acquisition. Horse dangers, shoot from

I am taking pre-medical classes because:

1. It will help me improve my habits and give better advice. Many popular ideas spread by government and doctors is not science based but is about politics and profits.

2. 66% of the economy nowadays is producing disease and then curing disease. One cannot understand economics and finance without understanding the biochemistry of life and how people are using chemicals in the economic system.

3. Much easier way to learn than trying to read internet and books. Colorful textbooks, iPads, instructors, laboratories, lectures. Can hear it as you watch it on the overhead screens and iPad. Talk to people, verbal confirmation, correct wrong ideas, see stuff. They use real cadavers in labs here.

4. I am studying the students and modern instruction technology some of which can be quite useful. Students here are clean, well scrubbed, smart, alert, wholesome looking especially medical students.

I sit next to a very cute smart slender blonde 20 year old female pre-med who unfortunately fell off her horse in 2012. She was in a coma for weeks. Doctors said she would never walk or talk again. 2 years later she has no apparent problems but needs 4 more brain surgeries to remove dead tissue that is getting worse. She occasionally has seizures call 911. She owns 3 horses and trains horses. Her big horse’s shoulder is 6 inches taller than she is. I just got this email from her:

“This weekend I am going back home to visit my horses. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures, I’ll email them to you and/or bring them to class! I’m planning on entering them in a parade on September 13th. And I’ll be training my biggest horse so I’ll be able to shoot a gun and bow off of his back while running!”


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