USA money gone? illegal. drugs terrorism

The attached charts show over $1,200,000,000,000 worth of paper currency has been printed while the adult population is only 120,000,000 non-institutional (meaning not incarcerated in jails, colleges, military, rehab, insane asylums, etc.) May be fewer than that if you throw out illegals.

So the typical adult is holding more than $10,000 cash! And the cash outstanding is increasing exponentially! Ridiculous. Nobody uses cash nowadays except criminals. Taxpayers pay for printing currency that is used against them!

Missing cash is used to finance terrorism, drugs, slavery, prostitution, human trafficking, tax evasion, guns, cyber attacks, bioterrorism, Reconquista, … Eventually terrorists will buy an atomic bomb and blow up Tel Aviv and destroy of Israel. Then blow up NYC LA DC etc. Paper currency must be eliminated.

Sweden has already gone all-electronic money. They invented paper currency too. USA is falling behind in money technology.

Obama should immediately quit printing cash and fire all government employees working in jobs related to currency.

Convert to an all-electronic currency. Force everybody to turn in all currency by the end of the year. Don’t allow any trade or travel with any country that has USA$ inside its borders.

Save taxpayer money and stop crime.


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