Jack Lalanne, Re: Running reduces death 30%. New study

Good writeup on Jack LaLanne below. I remember my mother lining up us kids in New Mexico to do morning exercises with Jack LaLanne on TV. Like LaLanne I got too much sugar and junk food as a child. Then we moved onto a California grape farm for high school with unlimited pecans, walnuts, oranges, figs, persimmons, vegetables, raw milk, etc. I became mostly vegetarian and suddenly started getting very strong. Arnold Schwarzenegger did a double take on me on the Santa Monica muscle beach, and I was taking lessons to go into professional boxing (following my Uncle Burl who was a heavyweight boxing champion and survived the Bataan death march). But by age 20 my college grades were very good in hard subjects, so I decided on academics. Rather wish I had pushed on professional sports of some kind while young. Also I should have taken more biochemistry. Much of the USA and world economy now is gobbled up by health problems that could be prevented by better diet and exercise. Like LaLanne I have faced ridicule for my veggies, nuts, raisins, etc. and I often ate alone at the football field (learned the value of fasting while working too much). I think people can burn off excess calories but they can’t get all the needed nutrients without enough quality food that most people do not get nowadays. Nor do they get enough exercise. The also get too many toxins and electromagnetic rays. Despite the efforts of LaLanne and many other gurus, public health is getting worse on average, although a minority are doing real well by following advice that is readily available but takes some work to sort thru, and some ability to read science.


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