email working again. Great beach weather. 80s


My ORG email went down for a few hours but now works again. Actually my godaddy ORG email box disappeared so I just converted it to a “forward” into my ME.UK mailbox that I will be using for outbound mail for awhile. Fed up with godaddy anyway.

My ME.UK address is with, a French company that seems great so far — lots of bang for the buck and very aesthetic but takes some learning. A UK address makes me feel like James Bond — hard to reach in foreign territory. Send USA companies like Yahoo and Hotmail a message that I won’t do business with them until they reign in the NSA CIA FBI hacking. USA used to be more of a free country but is looking more and more like an African or Latin American dictatorship complete with a Negro president.

I walked 10 miles in the summer “heat” that started in the 60s but made it into the 80s by the time I finished. Then I waded in a lesser beach, photo below, because the main beach was filled up, no parking. Wading in a large lake makes muscle soreness and foot pain go away faster —
re-energized from the electrons in the lake. Then I came home and ate most of a large local watermelon to cure dehydration. Watermelon is a better source of lycopene than tomatoes. Watermelon is a great source of carotenoids and many vitamins and minerals.

Some soldiers were at the beach from our nearby army base. One rather nice looking girl had huge boobs. She was mixing drinks for herself and 1 girl and 1 boy. She poured 2 quarts! of tequila into a container with 2 quarts of gatorade, mixed it and then poured most of a quart back into the original bottle. Then with her cell phone in 1 hand and the bottle in the other she waded into water that covers a slippery slate rock edge of a cliff that falls off hundreds of feet into the deep water next to the huge dam (holds back water a quarter the area of Lake Tahoe). Somehow she managed to drink a lot of the bottle and read her cell phone and talk nonstop for probably an hour without mishap.


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