Evanescence Rock Am Ring 84,000 audience in Germany

I believe her teenage voice was the most beautiful I have ever heard. A lyric mezzo-soprano.
Very powerful, great control, probably the best singer active right now. She is getting stronger as she gets older
She blasts away for 1 hour at the top of her voice in this amazing concert for 84000 spectators in Germany, a discriminating audience.
With so much volume they can’t hear how beautiful the voice is, but still shock and awe.
She is listed by several groups as the sexiest chick in rock and roll but she wraps up in black with no makeup so you can’t tell. She is forcing people to listen to her complicated music.
She even dumped her very good lead guitarist and best friend because she wanted to be artistic more than pop huge record sales.

I thought I understood music until I encountered her.
I can usually remember note for note almost any song encountered until I found her 2 years ago.
Her songs have no memorable tune. Major and Minor ABCDEFG but no tune. Like modern Classical. Can’t figure it out. Befuddling but beautiful.
I don’t usually like the Rock genre (I quit listening to it when I left the military in favor of classical).
Or such grandiose, pompous, pretentiousness, that belongs in Classical and the Opera where they can do it better. She is one the few that pulls it off in Rock.
Dark, epic themes: Death, the hereafter, suicide, insanity, drugs, alcohol, abuse,…
But her music is more about victory over tragedy, somewhat uplifting, christian music from the bible belt.

Amy Lee is from Little Rock Arkansas, not a music center.
She did her best work as a teenager.
She was nearly undiscovered but put together her first CD 2003. Unfortunately it nearly got lost too, marketed in Christian stores.
Then was discovered by the mainstream and sold millions, the 7th most popular CD of the century so far. One of only 8 albums in all of history to stay in the top 50 for a whole year. I am surprised such complicated music is popular at all.

She has a lot of work written not appropriate for her current band. Looking forward to hear it but she is busy writing music for a movie. She also recently announced her first child.
About time — married her psychotherapist in 2007.

I hope she returns to the stuff she did as a teenager.
Kelly Clarkson wants to do a duet with her — the best lyric soprano + the best lyric mezzo-soprano in pop rock both well regarded by professional opera singers. http://www.divadevotee.com/2011/02/kelly-clarkson-vocal-profile-range.html http://www.divadevotee.com/2011/05/amy-lee-vocal-profile-range.html

Youtube live performances are great for understanding music better. I am starting to appreciate the difficulty of performing such concerts. Probably why so many singers turn to drugs.
This is an amazingly difficult concert, but she loves live performance.
She races on stage, absolutely no stage fright and delivers a powerful flawless one hour concert. She is why Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have to take their clothes off. They cannot compete with Amy Lee!

This song is in the middle of the concert, not so complex as the rest. A breakup song. She really nails it. The best video disappeared but ok:

Vocal pyrotechnics but a very dark song from the underworld:

In the penultimate song she dies in the Japanese Tsunami telling her lover to “run away, save yourself” as she sinks beneath the waves with the only home she has ever known.
Then tries to come back to life in her “wake me up” song that was used for the grand climax in the 2003 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
I heard it but thought nobody could sing that well, that it was a trick song put together by electronics but it was really her and her typical sound. So I did not discover the rest of her work for 10 years.

The whole concert is online.

Lyrics from “Your Star”
I can’t see your star.
Though I patiently waited, bedside, for the death of today.
And I’m alone now,
Me and all I stood for.
So far away.
It’s growing colder without your love.
Why can’t you feel me calling your name?
Can’t break the silence,
It’s breaking me.
All my fears turn to rage.
Now, I have nothing worth fighting for.
We’re wandering now
All in parts and pieces, swim lonely, find your own way out

New York Times concert review:ß


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